Duncan Laing
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A short horror film that received worldwide distribution at Cannes 2008.

Crashing through her front door with a bloody, oozing bite on her neck Sarah knows she's in trouble. With something haunting her from a room upstairs and her transformation taking a continual grotesque affect it is only a matter of time before Sarah has to confront both her own health and sanity.

Shot on HDV over a freezing cold weekend in February 2008 this no-budget 5-minute horror short takes a contemporary angle on a classic film genre. It is a zombie film without any zombies. Consisting of one location and one character it focuses on her personal and emotional battle against both her physical condition and mental state.

To make the storyline believable every element of the production had to feel real. Everything from the camerawork to performance to make-up effects had to be 100% convincing for the audience. I wanted to make the audience feel uncomfortable at what they were seeing and hearing.

It was entirely self-funded by the Writer / Producer / Director – Duncan Laing – and the total budget including post production was only ₤500.