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    80+ Free Legitimate ways to make money online on Internet.


    by Dmitry

    Purpose of this video is to show everyone free legitimate sources to start making money online on Internet. For full course and information visit link above.

    1)How to make money with On-line Auction Sites/Stores/Wholesale Liquidators.(Amazon. eBay etc.)
    2)Freelancing/Coding/Web Development/Writing- freelancing jobs and sources(ELance, ODesk)
    3)Expert Consulting- making money by sharing knowledge and experience, answering questions.
    4)Stock Photo- selling digital images, income for photographers and money for cool photos.
    5)Lead Generation- where best place to buy/sell leads online.
    6)PPC- where to start to make money with Google AdWords, Yahoo SEM, MSN AdCenter
    7)Affiliate program/network- list of best affiliate networks
    8)Creating/Selling cool video- how to make money for funny, stupid, original, interesting video clips.
    9)Secret/Mystery Shoppers- where find mystery shopping jobs.
    10)Creative Ideas and Designs/Gift Ideas/Custom Printing/t-shirt design – how to get paid for all that.
    11)Review/Test /Improve Software products- test/improve beta software for money
    12)Freelance Writing/Blogging for money- hoe to make money for freelance writers and bloggers.
    13)E-mail marketing- benefits of email marketing and auto responders
    14)E-mini malls- how to add mini mall with relevant products to a website.
    15)Job Search/Social Networking/Selling Business Contacts- how to get paid for interview
    16)Sell advertisement on your website/blog- monetizing website/blog where and how.
    17)Social Network Marketing- making money with MySpace, Facebook intro.