Meg's Vlog - Breaking Up The Right Way


by hookingup

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dolloplad plad
By dolloplad plad2 years ago
So you think that you'd like to hear that you're a crazy bitch and need to be put into a phyc ward. There isn't away to spare the B.S. for us Men to tell you ladies these sort of things without you getting self-destructing ideas. Flying off at the handle running around thinking the world hates you. So the Icecream can come open and the chouch/bed will be warm and the sad BS movies will start playing in the darkest place in your minds. But this could have been avoided had you just keep your mouth shut, because you don't really want to hear what the real trouble is..
By Zachariah7 years ago
If people would just have a little honesty and empathy in these kind of situations, break ups wouldn't cause so much damage.
By bigfatpacman27 years ago
what a bunny boiling psycho, go get laid like your ex did.
as long as you dont wonder why you scared him off, your hot but not hot enough
personality > looks
By eviled807 years ago
Hey I'm not one to judge usually, but you need to chill. It really must have hurt to get you to freak out like that. You could just let it all out and move on. That's life! There are those who are going to email you, they usually don't want to hurt your feelings with what needs to be done, or there are those that will say it to your face they have the confidence (and perhaps the lack of attachment?) to do so. So some advice, forget the guy who broke your heart, in time he won't mean anything anyways, and go live your life!
By visual_pollution7 years ago
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