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    Ms V - Bohemian Grove The EU and a Rose


    by rcoones

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    Ms V visits Monte Rio in California the home of Bohemia Grove. The place reported to be the meeting place of world leaders, controllers, insiders, who yearly attend a ceremony called The Cremation of Care. leaving their cares behind... does this leave them immune to their conscience for what they have done? Are they planning world events and conditions for us in planned meetings or unknowingly in masked occult rituals? Or are they simply getting together at the exclusive redwood grove in the woods for some 'fun' 'highjinks' ... the things the 'Bohos' do.

    Upon visiting the town, a local describes them as just some rich people getting drunk in the woods.. and besides the orgainzation contributes to the maintenance of local schools and property taxes. Insisting that nothing Diabolical or Subversive goes on there, the local defended their activities which also includes sponsoring a play in the local town Monte Rio. Bohos visit there incongnito and mix with the locals. A town that once was much larger in victorian times has burned down year by year until only two buildings survive.

    Do secret meetings, occult rituals, diabolical schemes, insider get togethers, all occur here throughout the year by design or conincedentally?

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