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    We don't want no stinkin humans in our land Queen of Prussia

    down the
    street back to his lair.Times were tough in the realm of the
    Queen of Prussia,and they'd gotten worse when a million human survivors
    had come through the wormhole from some future alternate reality.The
    lands of those pasy bedsheet wearing angels and the lands
    of the monsters had recieved an unequal share of the spoils.
    The angels got most of the futuristic technology the humans
    came with,but the monsters got stuck with 800,000 worthless
    starving welfare humans.Whilst two monsters down
    the street came to blows over a proposal to unload the
    humans on their humanoid cousins the angels,the dragon
    sighed in defeat as some wretched human female came
    running towards him crying
    "Please Sir,can I have more?"...