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    Meteor Garden 2: Episode 13 (4/5)


    by Mini_Mia

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    The high quality episode is right here
    feel bad for both girls but shancai deserve si for her true love, she forever waited and gone through so much for her love. she been through so much torture, no need for this yesha to make matter worst she needs to get out of the way.
    By sweet_babielicious9 years ago
    I have been thinking Daoming Shi. He knows he can have an easy life by going back to his old past life. However, he has chosen to work hard in a manual job and be happy with YeSha. I think this is because he is seriously in love with Yesha. In MG1, he could not leave his home for Shancai when all guns were blazing. Anywhere when his memory comes back, he will remember Shancai.
    By Juyee9 years ago
    I skip all the parts with her parents. They are so boring, stupid and pointless. I can't stand them. Neither one of them can do anything right.
    By Donna9 years ago
    April Lee
    I didn't even watch the part with Shancai's dad it's so stupid
    By April Lee9 years ago
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