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    Jacques Brel L'eclusier English Subtitles

    Thelma Thelma Blitz

    by Thelma Thelma Blitz

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    Jacques Brel, at the Flanders home of artist friend Klein, tries to convince him to put a Lock Keeper in his painting as " it's not nothing to be a lock keeper." Indeed, to be a lock keeper on the canals of Flanders is to suffer montony, aging, immobility, taunts and teasing, and to have to task of picking drowned bodies out of the canal , season after season. The two artists paint daily life in Flanders, Klein with oils, Brel with song. Simple, lugubrious, with only sparse accordion accompaniment, L'Eclusier is one of Brel's most powerful dark songs, mostly unknown to Anglophones except for Paul Buck's translation sung by Marc Almond on the CD Jacques. From December 24, 1968. Thanks once again to the very knowledgeable philipchek of YouTube and Paris ( see his French translations of English songs) for patient help with this translation.