Youtube Sucks!-Coment if you disagree

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Youtube and me are on thin ice. If they keep up this bullshit i'm shutting down my accounts and fully converting to dailymotion and Myspace TV.


@dm_50b4570ed3cd9 Youtube is very bad, Censoring Videos that may tell the truth, allowing girls (Teens or younger) to ask if they are pretty or ugly with their face on cam to be uploaded on youtube. Too Many trolls who don't get in trouble for trolling. Also I noticed on youtube from trolls who may imitate another account for bullying purposes as well. This has happend to the Elevator Enthusiasts. The Layout has changed too much as well.
By MrUNIXMan 2 years ago
i left to. i rarly us it but i go their if i have to. but otherwise i coem to daliymotien first. BUT MAKE YOU YOU DELET YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNELS
By dm_50b4570ed3cd9 2 years ago
Scew Youtube I have just ditched them now. I got sick and tired of Youtube.
By MrUNIXMan 2 years ago
youtube is worse
By onida11_354 3 years ago
I was a YouTuber for four and a half years (2006-2011) and now my account got terminated, I am a YouTuber, no more. YouTube sucks, Dailymotion Rules and that is that. Great video.
By mrkingofkings 4 years ago
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