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    Barnardo's children in trouble campaign - hunting film


    by Barnardos

    NOTE: We recommend that children under 13 years old should not view this film without parental consent.

    The shocking but real dialogue that features in this film gives a clear indication of how the UK today is demonising children.

    A concerning issue present in todays society is the increasingly negative way in which young people are viewed by the general public. A growth in anxiety over the presence of youths in our communities has led to a significant level of social exclusion towards them.

    While there are serious offences committed that do require appropriate action, the positive contributions that young people make in their communities is going largely unnoticed.

    At Barnardo's, we want people to recognise that children who are troublesome and engage in antisocial behaviour are often those most in need of support. Our work demonstrates that the majority of children who start down the wrong path can be helped to change direction.