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    by journalismcrossing

    1 view More refugees from San Francisco's failing Thelen LLC are landing on their feet, as 30 are snatched up by Harftford, Connecticut-based Robinson & Cole. Thelen's strong core of construction lawyers and technology specialists is expected to bolster Robinson & Cole's existing practices, according to managing partner Eric Daniels. Daniels said the additions will specifically allow the firm to expand its intellectual property practice and its presence in the New York City office, where a group of about 10 attorneys practice in areas such as commercial litigation, employment and real estate. Daniels added that his firm developed a strategic plan in 2001 that included strengthening the firm's New York office, beefing up its construction practice, and adding to its intellectual property and technology law capacity. "This acquisition helps us accomplish many of our key objectives," he said. Thelen's partnership voted on November 4th to dissolve the firm by December 1st. The firm said the dissolution was hastened by a rash of lawyer defections, since the 2006 merger of California-based Thelen Reid and New York-based Brown Raysman Milstein Felder & Steiner. Before the announcement, more than 100 attorneys had left the firm, including name partners Peter Brown, Jeffrey Steiner and Richard Raysman. The defections breached a partner departure covenant in the firm's credit agreement with its bank, triggering an all-out scramble for jobs.