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    Avenged Sevenfold Bat Country Dual Guitar Cover (TITANIUM X)

    Robert Weese

    by Robert Weese

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    MIKE HAWK!!!
    the horns was a nice touch.....but u added it too many times
    how it was played was rather good, just a little bit more of practice and you'll have it perfect
    By MIKE HAWK!!!6 years ago
    Lol c'est vrai que le coup du zero est pas mal! Sinon c'est un bon cover quand même!
    By Ichigi0007 years ago
    kamel beybout
    but you playng good with guitare
    By kamel beybout7 years ago
    kamel beybout
    fou tes doigts dans l cul de ta mere
    By kamel beybout7 years ago
    Screw u FrankRa7x123 u suck

    on a positive not i like how u hold up devil horns whenever u dont play lol
    By aceb67 years ago
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