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    Do You Take Advantage Of GOD's Blessings? Be ThankFul.


    by ToniTone22

    75 views What are you thankful for? Do you take advantage of the blessing god gives you everyday. Weather you realize it or not god is continually blessing us ALL each and every second of the day. Just the simple fact that we are allowed to wake up and breath normally is a blessing from him. DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED. Show your gratefulness TODAY and reach out to your loved ones TODAY and let them know that you love and care for them. Share in god's blessing and her will continue to allow you to prosper on to bigger and better things. Who is Toni? Check me out @ Keep up with me @ If your looking for a financial blessing this may be you solution: Contact me @: Tel: (206) 339-3824 Skype: Toni.Tone22