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    Adam Carolla Is My Idol

    Graham Wellington

    by Graham Wellington

    I've been a fan of Adam Carolla ever since I accidently stumbled upon Loveline at 2:30 on a cold Michigan morning more then seven years ago. The thing that struck me most and made me such a huge fan was the fact that he is a no nonsense guy in the purest form. He is an excellent comedian, but his most admirable quality is being able to cut though the facade of everyday political correctness that permeates our society so completely. Too often these days people try to sugarcoat every little thing to make it more appealing to the masses. Adam is unabashedly straight forward with his insights into the hypocrisy and all out lunacy in society that most people try to ignore on a daily basis, and I find that extremely refreshing! I hold him in the highest regard, and consider him one of the great minds of our time.