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vol 1 : At dawn a black Porsche 911 is pulled over by police just south of Stockholm. This marks the beginning of one of the most brutal car chases ever-past the Stockholm Globe Arena, through the alleys of Old Town, past the Royal Castle and the Royal guards, right through downtown and the harbor to run from the law. At high speeds, sometimes above 250 km/h, running red lights, going the wrong way on one-way streets and sidewalks the driver is willing to give anything to getaway...
vol 2 : The second cult movie from the makers of Getaway in Stockholm 1 with even more excitement and wilder car chases than before. A Toyota Supra and a Ford Escort Cossworth vs. the Swedish Police - the heavy-weight champions in a documentary on street racing, a cat-and-mouse game with the Swedish Police in the night of Stockholm.

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