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For 4 days each year, in a sleepy little town in the Austrian Alps, 1300 motocross riders from 27 nations across 4 continents all converge for one of the most grueling, gut-checking torture tests man and motorcycle have ever faced. They ll battle against a mountain so fierce, it s called the Iron Giant and of all the challengers to this race, only a few will finish.

The worlds top riders bang their heads with the Iron Giant.

This race beckons the best of the best. The Enduro at Erzberg features the finestAmerican and European Champions from Motocross, Freestyle MX and Enduro Racing who face the most challenging course in the world…and only the best will survive it!

Featuring Stunning music videos, exclusive interviews with the top racers in the world and much much more!

Featured Riders: David Knight, Cyril Despres, Jeremy Mc Grath, Travis Pastrana,

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