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    Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 15: Chevron Soil Compactors Used

    ArchAngel Michael

    by ArchAngel Michael

    Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 15 : Astronauts Say Chevron Heavy Roller Soil Compactors Were Used To Construct The Fake Moon-Set Studio Bay.

    The Astronauts have a hard time going up the steep slope back to the rover, Astronaut Jim says to Astronaut Dave, that he wished Dave had "packed the slope a little better" to make it easier to climb. Astronaut Dave says for the next Faked Moon Mission, he will make sure the slopes are packed better. Astronaut Dave was one of those who oversaw the Fake Moon-Set Studio construction. Astronaut Jim says "Chevrons do a good job of compacting this soil". Chevron Heavy Roller Soil Compactors were used in the High and Low Roof Bay Fake Moon-Set Studio's, to lay down all the Fake Moon Soil.

    Astronaut Jim says at :09 "I wish you'd packed the slope a little better Dave." Astronaut Dave replies "Yea, we'll get to do that next time."

    Joe at Houston replying to what the Astronauts have been talking about says at :36 "A little something(information) for the Store(Fake Moon-Set) mechanics, sounds great."

    Astronaut Jim says at 1:00 "Well you know the surface here is harder than it was over at the other crater, at least you'll get a comparison."

    Astronaut Jim says at 1:13 "Although Chevrons do a good job of compacting this soil." Astronaut Dave replies "Yea"

    This video as you hear it, is located for download at NASA site:
    Apollo 15 Video Library
    Working below the Rover in the Station 6 crater.
    Journal Text: 144:37:36 RealVideo Clip: (2 minutes 58 seconds)

    NASA did redacted editing & cleaning up of the text, to cover what they really said in the written records of the Astronauts conversations. Also in some video's NASA has later recorded different conversations, replacing what was originally spoken.