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    Remember To "Feed The Pig": New Campaign Urges Young ...


    by MultiVu

    Remember To "Feed The Pig": New Campaign Urges Young Adults To Spend Wisely And Save For The Future A new series of print and broadcast public service announcements urging Americans age 25 to 34 to spend wisely and save for the future rolled out today as part of Feed the Pig, a national campaign of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Advertising Council. "People in this age group are involved in major life changes," said Carl George, chair of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission. "They're launching careers, buying homes, getting married and having children. All these events involve major expenses, which makes saving difficult, especially in a hard economic time like the one we're now experiencing. But there are simple things they can do, such as paying more attention to how much they spend on discretionary items. Spending within your means is itself a form of saving." To view Multimedia News Release, go to