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    Inkdeath: Cornelia Funke


    by turnhere

    This is the third and last book of the Ink-trilogy, and the story will begin about 8 weeks, after Inkspell ended. You will meet many of the characters you know by now, Mo and Meggie, Resa and Farid, Elinor and Darius, Fenoglio and, yes, you will also meet Dustfinger again and Roxane and the martens. The Black Prince will be back and many of the other robbers. You will get to know the Strong Man's brother Doria and the Adderhead's brother in law, whom the widows of Ombra call the Milksop. Violante and Orpheus will play a big part this time and there will be some others of course, new and old places and hopefully as much adventure, as you want to find on the pages!