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    Mobile Phones Brain Tumor Risk

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    I don’t have a brilliant memory, but occasionally something someone tells me does somehow stick in my mind. One such memory I have concerns a patient I saw some years ago. He had had a brain tumor (I forget what sort) removed, and was interested in supporting his convalescence and general health through nutrition. During our consultation he remarked that he had a son who also had had a brain tumor. I asked if his doctors thought there was any genetic link. He replied in the negative, and told me it was his opinion that mobile phones were the cause. This man went on to tell me that both he and his son were early adopters of this technology, and by their own admission were heavy users too.

    He went on to tell me a story about an experience he had after his operation. He was sitting in a packed waiting room full of post-surgical patients. Nearly all the patients in the room had brain tumors removed and the scars to prove it. A conversation about mobile phones started in the waiting room, so my patient decided to take a straw poll then and there. All the patients who had had brain tumors turned out to be mobile phone users. Now, there’s nothing particularly telling here I think, because mobile phone use is so common. However, my patient went one better in his poll by then asking each individual which ear they habitually held their mobile phone to. He reported to me that the side they indicated matched the side of their tumor in every case.
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