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    Michna - "Triple Chrome Dipped"

    Ghostly International

    by Ghostly International

    The video for "Triple Chrome Dipped" – a collaboration between Michna and Philly-based video artist System D-128: nostalgic footage of the artist's New York coming-of-age in the early '90s. It's unconventional, but it works on the strengths of Michna and System D-128's obvious artistic chemistry.

    Filmed entirely on a Hi8 analog camcorder purchased in 1989, the footage shows flashes of Adrian Michna's youth from 1989 to 1995: the local pizza shop; the Metro North from Westchester through the Bronx and into Manhattan; skateboarding through Brooklyn; Michna's little brother staging toy-robot wars; band practice; doing donuts in high-school parking lots.