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    Best Laid Skies

    Brad M

    by Brad M

    This is a short film I made last year called "Best Laid Skies." Hope you like it.
    This fun and experimental film explores the notion that while we can manipulate images, ultimately, Mother Nature always wins.

    Featuring the dramatic skies of Wyoming and an odd conductor's struggle to bring it all together.
    Written, Shot, Directed, Edited and Produced by: Bradley L. Marlow
    Starring: Mother Natures' Wyoming Skies
    Co-star: Bradley L. Marlow
    Music: "Albinoni-Concerto Op9 N11-Allegro"
    Composer and Organisation: Public Domain
    Publishe and Organisation: (SOCAN)
    Royalty Free Music purchase: 2007

    All rights reserved. ©2007 Bradley L. Marlow and Big Sprout Productions, LLC.