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"IN SHORT" is Blank Paper Studio´s current project due for release in the Fall of 2007.
This 16mm/ Super 16mm DVD production follows a truly conceptual approach containing 5 different short films on one DVD, mixing formats, genres, personalities and directors.
In the works since March 2006 it will present a flow of visual and conceptual diversity whose goal it is to be unpredictable and surprising at all times giving the viewer a different interpretation and look on Snowboarding and its protagonists in each of the films within the DVD.
We are trying to ditch all rules on how Snowboarding films have to look in order to create something truly original and new in approach and execution.
Mixing documentary directors with music video editors this project will try to be as di-
verse and refreshing as possible without losing the ambition to show top-level riding of well-known athletes.

This DVD will be Blank Paper Studio´s first full length release since "91 Words For Snow" and will only be available for purchase in selected shops and online-stores.

Featured Riders:
David Benedek
Trevor Andrew
MIkey LeBlanc
Christoph Weber
Mike Basich
Markus Keller
Eric Messier
Christophe Schmidt
Sani Alibabic

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