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    A unique combination of freesurfing in all conditions, and competitive ripping at the highest level… 10 of the worlds best young surfers and their hero: Tom Curren. When asked why Tom was a part of a project designed to introduce new faces, Adrian commented, “Tom is all of our favorite surfer and we wanted to have the chance to see Toms timeless style first hand… It was amazing having him involved in our project, and we all learnt so much just hanging out with him!”

    Adrian Buchan (Australia)
    Shaun Cansdell (Australia)
    Jay Thompson (Australia)
    Glen Hall (Australia)
    Ian Walsh (Hawaii)
    Royden Bryson (South Africa)
    Tim Boal (France / Ireland)
    Marlon Lipke (Germany / Portugal)
    Gony Zubizaretta (Spain)
    Adriano De Souza (Brazil)
    Tom Curren (USA)