Flashback - Sebastian Doerr & Andre Paskowski

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An exciting new adventure of wind and sails brought to you by the producers of "Wet and Salty": the story of Ricardo Campello - one of the most radical and creative windsurfers of modern times. A sudden accident seems to have destroyed Ricardo’s life when he loses his memory after a violent fall. His best friends such as Kauli, Browzinho, Cheo, Gollito and Robby Swift help him to remember his past as all Ricardo wants is to return into the present to surf more radically then ever before. You can follow the adventures of Ricardo Campello and his friends and experience the not so usual everyday life of a windsurf pro, travelling the world. The new DVD "Flashback" will bring you tons of wave and freestyle action in the usual great quality.

Locations: Canary Islands, Venezuela, Brazil, Hawaii, New York, Cape Verde...

Starring: Ricardo Campello, Kauli Seadi, Browzinho, Cheo Diaz, Gollito Estredo and Robby Swift

Running Time: Main film 51 min plus 85 min special features

Special features: Ricardo’s family, Crahpart, Ricardo and Kauli in New York, action shots of his best friends and lots more

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