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    Modern Classic Jerry Holkins Talks Life, Love, Pax and Plans


    by GameZombie

    A World Exclusive Interview - Brandy Grace interviews world famous Jerry Holkins aka "Tycho" from the renowned Penny Arcade. Get the scoop on East Coast Pax. Listen to Jerry spin tales about how it all started, and even check out his little blushing after some fantastic compliments. Jerry Holkins is indeed as awesome as you would think. Creative Director & Executive Producer: Spencer Striker, music by the legendary Chris Bates. Camera work by Darrin Giggy and Gabe Goldstein. Produced by Tyler Mager and Adrienne Thiery, Motion Graphics by Andrew Benninghoff, VJ'd by Brandy Grace, and edited by the Bebop and the Rocksteady of GZTV Chris Impicciche. GameZombie supports Team Foxy.