Total Chaos 2 - Skin Industries

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Total Chaos is created once again with Doug Parsons, Ronnie Renner, Ronnie Faisst, Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, Mad Mike Jones, Brian Deegan, Larry Linkogle, Colin Morrison, Shawn Highland, Jeremy Carter, Dan Pastor, Sean Peer, Casey Lytle, Adam Pierce, Michael Brandes, Beau Manley, Billy Walls, Clifford Adoptante, Carey Hart, Caleb Wyatt, Grant Steele, Josh Fink, Justin Homan, Kenny Bartram, Chris Rourke, Mike Cinqmars, Mike Metzger, Reagan Sieg, Robbie Wood, Seth Enslow, Tommy Clowers, Trevor Vines, and many more.

Music By:
Bad Religion, Deviates, Pennywise, Ensign, AFI, Downer, Machine Head, Kottonmouth, Kings, DJ Bobby B, Grand Vanacular, Voodoo Glow Skulls

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