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    Cold World - Finger On Da Trigger

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    The world is cold if you live with your Finger On Da Trigger. Or if you like go out of your house in sub zero temperatures, take your snowboard and throw yourself around in the snow. And your camera crew is called Finger On Da Trigger.

    It seems like yesterday Finger on Da Trigger released their first movie “Represent.” A movie that changed snowboarding and paved the way for a new generation of filmmakers, and riders to express the way they perceive snowboarding through their riding, filming and editing. Now, considered veterans in the Game, FODT releases lucky number seven, “Cold World”.

    “Cold World” can be summed up by one brutal trip the crew went on to Moscow, Russia. Feel the pain of jibbing in negative 20-degree temperatures. Like previous FODT videos, you’ll see highly anticipated parts from newcomers like Lucas Magoon, Miami Thunder and Kyle Cartwright along side familiar faces like Deadlung, Bradshaw, MFM, Messier, Dennison, Doffin and Ylianntila. Soundtrack mixed by MFM and DJ Knucklez, “Cold World” comes clean in true FODT fashion.

    Riders: Marc Frank Montoya, Deadlung, Lucas Magoon, Derek Dennison, Yan Dofin, Jake Devine, Eric Messier, Miami Thunder, Neil Provo, Dave Munoa and Tommi Ylantilla

    Locations: Salt Lake City, Utah Back Country, Tahoe, Mt. Baker, Denver, Moscow, Russia, Finland, Mid West, Colorado Back Country, Montreal, Western Canada.