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    Hudson, New Hampshire

    Rudy Mayer

    by Rudy Mayer

    INFO: - Along the Merrimack River, east of Nashua on the Massachusetts border, lies the town of Hudson. The town was originally part of Dunstable, Massachusetts. Sixty years later, in 1733, Hudson was separated from the rest of the tract and renamed Nottingham.

    Nottingham's name changed again in 1741, when the disputed border lands, of which Hudson was a part, were granted to New Hampshire. Two more name changes were to follow. In 1746, Nottingham changed its name to Nottingham West. Then in 1830, amid concerns of the name's similarity to the original Nottingham, Nottingham West became Hudson, New Hampshire.

    Originally a small farming community; Hudson today features a mix of residential neighborhoods alongside commercial and industrial development, with some small retail plazas as well as high-tech companies.