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    Meteor Garden 2: Episode 11 (3/5)


    by Mini_Mia

    4 630 views


    UPDATE: This is the only website that has the episode
    lol sanchai parients are hillarios but everytime they r in the scene i just skip the whole scene becoz its such a waste of time lol i found them funny but they look like crazy parent lol
    By keylin0079 years ago
    I hate her parents too. I don't find them funny at all, just dumb and idiotic. They are such morons that I don't know how they raised her to this point without killing her!
    By Donna9 years ago
    Ha Ha! I think Shancai's parents are hilarious! Her Dad said "Who would buy a car that a bulldozer rolled over?" LMAO. Aw...Qing He is so nice...lending that girl some money. But I think he looked cuter in MG1. I really don't like his new hairstyle. It looks weird.

    But I can't wait for Mei Zhuo's love interest to come!

    Thanks for uploading MG2 Mini Mia! I really appreciate it!
    By V-Dreamer9 years ago
    Kay Leopold
    How cute of Qinghe.

    Thank you for uploading this drama.
    By Kay Leopold10 years ago
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