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The Panther - animated shortmovie inspired by Rilkes poem

vor 9 Jahren1K views

*** for better quality watch it on my vimeo.acc: vimeo.com/ennoks ***

"Der Panther" was a project in my 5th year of studying. Inspired by the 16th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film in May 2007 we, Lena and myself, decided to make our own animation movie short. Faszinated by papercut films of Lotte Reiniger we stick to this art of film making. To alleviate the working process 'cause of the short time we had only available, we used both, digital animations and handmade papercuts.

"Der Panther" was screened so far at the Short Film Festival "Shortmoves" In Halle/Saale and was applied to some more.