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    Re: Celine Dion - My Life My Love 08 (Composition Trois)

    Some WeirdO

    by Some WeirdO

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    Poem: "Sea Lover"

    We swim along,
    between a shadow,
    and breath as one,
    below the sun.

    We only rise,
    to our inner drives,
    can you feel the cry,
    dive, dive, dive.

    Deep in the blue,
    deeper than blue,
    closer to me baby,
    take away the fear.

    Pleasure our hearts,
    we are simple free,
    like a moonlight,
    that swims the warm sea.

    The glint in your eyes,
    through a speckled sun,
    tells me sweet friend,
    you're the true one.

    Feel our skin touch,
    like an ocean of hue,
    it colors me deep,
    swimming with you.

    We glide along,
    side by each side,
    to sing our song,
    that fills ocean tides.

    You turn I turn,
    together we rise,
    and only our breach,
    reveals the disguise.

    Plunge to dark peaks,
    below all life sound,
    so we can feel,
    this journey abound.

    In our quiet world,
    we absorb each joy,
    listen to the sound,
    one soul once more.

    Show me great lover,
    you fill our dreams,
    come swim with me,
    make us harmony.

    EPILOGUE: In the end, i also lost my closest friend... someone who knew and touched my whole soul. My real-life 'baby' tried but couldn't, didn't want to, or was afraid to swim ;(.... but i know... and i know my 'baby' might somehow, somewhere stumble upon this far in the future... so yea i still pray for you and miss you everyday... and i do accept what has happened to us as the way 'it is' ... ... ... ...

    ...but love is a gift that lives deep in the soul, forever, without return or any way to purge it... ...

    -me ("Sea")

    "My Love" - by Celine Dion,
    Video footage (please) of Celine's appearance on Oprah,
    Video footage - Celine Dion "My Love" official music video.

    "Hurt" - by Christina Aguilera, as performed by Angelica Vasilcov (AngelicaV1),

    "Sea Lover" - poem by me ;(