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    Interview with Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street

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    Ghostcrawler plays a Ret Paladin. Thanks to this Piece of Shit wormy little bastard Paladins are more like raid bosses more than an actual class. Warriors, nerfed, warlocks nerfed, hunters nerfed, mages nerfed, shaman nerfed, everyone is fucked eccept LoLodins, who have ruined the game because of this fucking bastard. You hear me Blizz fuck you for hiring this mother fucker.

    Litte Dr. Evil lookng bastard, his lol list is hrm 1. buff ret 2. buff ert 3. buff ret 4. fuck everyone else.

    IF GC cant faceroll with his Ret then hes gonna keep fucking us til he can, God Dammit Blizz why do you keep hiring fucking morons to be in charge, WTF is wrong with you assholes? This is an old game I dont want to retire from WoW being 2 shotted by timmy power gamer the 8 year old wonder Facerolling across the keyboard.
    So get fucked and fix your goddam shit.
    Von FrokzerVor 7 Jahren