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    Meteor Garden 2: Episode 9 (5/5)


    by Mini_Mia

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    This is the only website that has a working version
    By Pumpeddent16894January
    this is too sad i just hope ah-si would just come back to shangcia i hate it...:( si needs to wake up.. yesah is nice but hey this is the truth she's ruin the love of the movie
    By sweet_babielicious9 years ago
    I TOTALLY AGREE!! Lots of ppl have been bagging MG2, saying how slow it is, etc and been putting down poor Yesha just because she'd been kind enough to help a guy who'd lost his memory. I actually quite like this series - the characters seem more real than in MG1.
    By Moontess9 years ago
    I have to say every episode so far has been good, and this is the best. Similarly I have heard MG2 is disappointing, but I must say I am enjoying this drama very much. Like what iansmom said said about Shancai, I have not forgiven her for being so horrible to Daoming Shi in MR1 and therefore I am so happy to see Yesha taking the lead role. I think she will fall in love with DMS soon, if not already.
    By Juyee9 years ago
    I have to agree. I teared up at that part too, although I have trouble feeling any real sympathy for Shan Cai. She's such a wimp and has been so stupid through this show so far and through MG I, and I've never felt Daming Si was anything more to her than someone she settled for because she couldn't be with Lei.
    By Donna9 years ago
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