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    Makalu 8470m

    Petzl Crew

    par Petzl Crew

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    The Makalu, the 5th summit of the world, from "Maha: Great" and "Kala: black" is located on the Tibeto-Nepalese border at 8470 m altitude in the Himalayan range, 20km away from the Everest (8848m).

    A slightly less high than the Lhotse (8516m), there has been little explored. Those who have observed this isolated pyramid that dominates a wilderness agree that is probably one of those 8000 who oppose the biggest resistance...

    Unlike Everest, the number of attempts each year on the summit of Makalu is very limited. An average of 150/year successful ascent of Everest against 11 for the Makalu.
    227 persons have reached the summit of Makalu since its first conquest in 1955. Only 15 French including 5 without oxygen and 10 people in the first 15 years. 9 Switzerland have also managed the summit.

    The original way we want to try is not successful by a French team for over 10 years.

    We have made the original way in 1955 (the North West side) without artificial oxygen.

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