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Real Alternative Fuels

9 years ago110 views

A conversation of the variations of alternative fuels is going to leech on which definition of fuel is being used and to some degree on what are in the people’s minds when having the discussion. To an environmentalist, any fuel that is not renewable is called traditional or conventional. If it has a negative environmental effect, it is not a real alternative. As we all know, almost all of the known petroleum reserves are processed in the Middle East. It is said that worldwide fuel shortages could intensify the unrest that exists in the region, leading to many conflicts and wars in the near future. So it is decided to manipulate other forms of energy. Alternative fuel, which is also known as non-conventional or non-traditional fuel, is any material or substance that can be consumed by engines like fuel, other than fossil fuels, or conventional fuels of petroleum (oil), hydrogen, propane, coal, and natural gas