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    by dakadi0

    DOWNLOAD AND SEE FULL MOVIE ONLINE FREE DOWNLOAD MOVIE WWW.DENEDY.COM This is a new scene that i found on and it is about Bella talking to Edward about her theories of him after edward saves her from the van. Ok there has been a lot of judgemental comments posted. So I'm just gonna say it like it is: A lot of people are saying that the scene is too serious, that Kristen has a too deep voice, that she is to stiff and is a bad actor...etc. Ok first, THIS IS NOT THE BOOK. Again, let me repeat: THIS IS NOT THE BOOK. Yes, it is an adaption, but they cannot make everything perfect and the way you exactly want it to be. Remember, when reading the book, most readers imagined what THEY think the scene looked like in their head. What you think the scene should appear isn't always going to be the same as what Catherine Hardwicke and the producers think it should appear. So it might not turn out perfectly the way you wanted it to be, but that's not a bad thing. It just means that some of us Twilighters should be more open-minded and see things from a different perspective. Because you are not the one making the movie, so not everything is going to be how you imagine it. The actors, Catherine Hardwicke, producers and other filmmakers are trying their best to make this amazing book come to life the best way and make it be a really great movie for us, so since they are doing their best for us, some people should be a little more supportive and open-minded, and less judgemental. So a lot of us fans should ease up a bit and stop being so judgemental, because it's making us Twilighters look bad. And also, they already made the movie, so there is nothing they can do about it now. I think that this scene was portrayed really good by rob and Kristen and that the movie is going to be great. So that's all I had to say. Thank you for reading :)