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    National News - Twinkies Slim Down!


    by GetTheDaily

    Flight attendants used duct tape to restrain a woman on a weekend flight who was reportedly acting unruly, fighting flight attendants and grabbing other passengers. According to the crew, the ankle cuffs used to keep the woman in her seat kept slipping off. One other passenger said she saw the New York woman drinking at a bar before boarding and she was stopped alcohol service on the flight due to her behavior. The woman is being charged with resisting arrest and interfering with operations on Thursday. A Vermont man fired his gun inside his home 18-times after hearing the results of the Presidential race. The bullets found their way into neighboring homes, and the 34-year-old to police that he was celebrating the Obama victory. No one was injured in the shooting. And Hostess finally gave-in to the diet-phase that’s swept the nation. The company decided to offer Twinkies in a 100-calorie serving size. Instead of simply slimming the 150-calorie classic down, Hostess chose to develop 3-individual round Twinkies. Some analysts say that this new cr