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    Election News - Obama is President Elect!


    by GetTheDaily

    Illinois senator Barack Obama took the presidential election over Arizona senator John McCain on Tuesday. In what many are calling a historic moment in America’s books, Obama will be the first African-American to be voted into the presidency. According to the latest numbers, Obama was ahead of the 270-point cutoff at 349 electoral votes as compared to McCain’s 163 votes. This year’s race for Senate is still in the works. It appears that the Democrats have locked up the majority with 56-seats versus the Republicans’ 40-Senate seats. The 4-remaining seats are important ones, because if the Democrats gain the openings, the party would be able to stop filibusters. According to recent reports, a re-count for the Senate race in Minnesota will be likely, because the winning-margin for Republican incumbent Norm Coleman over Democrat Al Franken is at 700-votes and it’s state-policy to re-count if the margin of victory is less than 1-half-percent. It also seems that the state of Georgia will head for a runoff, after neither Senate candidate secured a majority vote. And another questionable party-affiliation to further complicate the Senate head count is with Connecticut Senator, Joe Lieberman. As an Independent who has caucused with Democrats and supported the Republican presidential nominee, there’s no official word on which party he’s siding with in the Senate. However, both Barack Obama and John McCain said in their 2-separate speeches post-poll-closing that it’s important for all Americans – regardless of party-affiliation and who they voted for – to come together for creating solutions to our collective problems. That’s the latest national news, I’m Dana Ward. Always check back to for all of your news updates. Distributed by Tubemogul.