working out a pollen herb grinder in a reggae party

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  • Add to check out us working out a mixnball pollen herb grinder in a reggae party last week, it was fucking amazing. listening to reggae and getting high, so nice people and the music was loud. we used the trichomes that you can see at the end of the movie just to spakle them on rolled joint. we got chilled out so fast with that green weed we got the other day. that herb grinder i carry with me for 3 years and i have no reason to change it, though my friends told me it must be cleaned some times. i dont know about cleaning a herb grinder, seems to be like a one big joke! who will ever want to give up his pollen left in the pollen collector. maybe thats the reason i dont have pollen lately, for the past 1 year i think im getting less and less pollen from my mixnball. pollen herb grinders are so cool. i think that the best one of them is the one i got from mixnball. the best pollen herb grinder is mine. lolololololollolo

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jvé biento avoir le mm
By kalak29 5 years ago