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    President Obama will bring No Change


    by ScabsNabs

    ScabsNabs immediate response to the Obama Presidential Win
    I believe President Obama will bring No Change.
    All you people who put so much hope in him and voted for him, are going to be bitterly disappointed and disillusioned. Right from the start I knew he was a con, a paper tiger.
    He will either show himself to be a repeat of Tony Blair, and will continue the war-mongering policies of the Neo-Cons...or if he looks likely to be genuine and set to carry out the kind of agenda CODEPINK and I would wish for, he will be assassinated and Joe Biden will step in as President, who will the LBJ to JFK's death....and we know how LBJ brought about the Vietnam war ("Hey Hey L.B.J, how many kids did you kill today?")
    I hope I'm wrong about today's result...but I don't think I will be. Obama is set to escalate the war. More troops in Afghanistan, more troops in Iraq, followed by invasion of Iran and Syria. The Third World War is only just starting.