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    1st&Hope - Brian Lotti & The Maloys

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    1st & Hope by ELWOOD is a unique view of skateboarding through the lens of the Malloy Brothers as they capture Kenny Anderson and Brian Lotti roll through downtown Los Angeles. Kenny and Brian's afternoon journey begins with no schedule no urgency and no particular route, just the hope to make it from 1st Street to the Staples Center before the sun sets.

    This visual stream of skateboarding imagery is enhanced by the dynamic sounds of BECK. The 1st & Hope soundtrack includes the highly anticipated Beck songs Nausea and Macadamia from Beck's new album, The Information.

    1st & Hope delivers a view of skateboarding from a skateboarders perspective as Kenny, Brian, and friends, weave through the urban landscape of downtown Los Angeles.

    Although 1st & Hope is a skateboarding film, it appeals to anyone who embraces the moment and enjoys the unexpected turns in life.