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DRIFT Society takes you around the DRIFT world! Go drifting in Japan at GRIP Video’s own Sogukai Practice Day at the infamous Mobara Twin Circuit, and watch in awe as the professional drifters Kazama, and Izumida slide side by side with Team Orange in synchronized drifting and dancing at the BIG X Event in the ever-popular Ebisu Circuits. Learn “touge rules and etiquette” of the mountain with Lorin from Ground Zero! Go mountain drifting with the tofu AE86 at the famed Hapo Gohara Touge. GRIP Video invites you to take a tour at Tanaka’s favourite shop K-STYLE.

Jump across the ocean to the US and cheer for your favourite American drifter in the second round of Formula D in Texas! Roll with GRIP Video as we check out a new spot for mountain drifting in the States with Pink Godzira. Watch as the Dunlop Sponsored cars test and tune their crazy drift machines at California Auto Fest, and go in depth to check out the GRIP Video Rotary Power Drift Monster. All this and oh yes... much, much more!

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