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From the award-winning mind of Mathieu Bich comes eXile - the effect that kick started the latest David Blaine special with a bang. eXile takes place entirely on the spectator's own hand. Three small X's are drawn on someone's open palm. A quarter is placed in the center of their hand.

Slowly, you slide your fingers over each X, and they visually, instantly vanish. No sign of ink to be seen. Nothing. When the quarter is lifted, there are three perfect X's directly in the center of their palm.

+ Featured on David Blaine's ABC television special "Dive of Death".

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3 commentaires

C'est trop fort! J'adore ce tour.
Par BB08DD il y a 5 ans
Lol c'est pas moi je précise :P
J'suis en train de faire une news la dessus sur le site. (pas encore fini)
Par chipncardtrick il y a 6 ans
wow il dechire ce tour bravo
Par clementmagie il y a 6 ans