Shuffles & Cuts - Rich Ferguson

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Look Cool...Impress Friends...Intimidate Opponents! World Class Magician & Poker Player Rich Ferguson shows you how to look like a pro today with the Official Poker Series "Shuffles & Cuts Vol. 3" DVD. This DVD is packed with 50 (22 Shuffling Skills and 28 Cutting Skills) of the hottest stunts and tricks you have seen on television or at a poker game - all explained to the public in detail by Rich! You'll see tricks like Riffles, Hindu, Overhand, Asian, Back & Forth, Strip Shuffles, One Handed, Vertical Bridge, Squeeze, Pinky Bridge, Waterfall, Faros, Dovetail, Center Cut, Multiple One Handed Cuts, Swivels, Pivots, Revolves, Triple Cut, Pressure Pullover Cut, K-10 Cut, Scissor, Auto Cut, Crazy Cuts, 3-4-5 Way Cuts and more!! Each trick has difficulty ranking, and also included are shuffles and cuts techniques by Rich never taught before!!

"I didn't know this much cool stuff could be done with an ordinary deck of cards! Absolutely amazed at the top quality instruction! You guys Rock!" - Beau Kramer, Disc Jockey, Owner of Kramer Entertainment

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