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don't worry. this is not EXACTLY the same version as the previous one. the song itself is another version, it's the music clip video from LifeHouse. You'll notice the sound is different. to fit in the new rythm i had to cut out some scenes and add new ones.
***i don't own anything, the music belongs to LIFEHOUSE, the clip and images belong to the CW, Eric Kripke and his stars Jensen Ackles and Jared PAdalecki***

i'll be glad if you could tell me what's your favorite of the 2 Broken vids! ;)
take care!
SPN rocks fromhell to heaven!!!!

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yeeouu # super Thanks ^^
Par abigail906 il y a 4 ans
real good !
Par jojobinz il y a 6 ans
excellent !!
Par 7demoyenne il y a 6 ans