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    Chris Jericho vs. Jim Neidhart


    by Stinger1981

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    WTF is wrong with Billy Silverman?! What a jack-ass. It was HE who fucked the finish up, not Jericho or Neidhart. He could have at least waited until Jericho had Neidhart in the 'Walls of Jericho' a second time before he stupidly called for the bell. Instead, he just confused the situation worse.
    By Cruiserweight_285 years ago
    phillip sanders
    well soon after all this was when jericho was trying to get away from sighning his contract as he was dead set on going to the wwf.
    By phillip sanders7 years ago
    Chris Jericho the best
    By wordlifekabylie137 years ago
    Damn, it used to bother me... WCW rings were so small :/
    By bruttobello7 years ago
    Jack Smith
    I agree Stinger. The TV Title proved to be a poisoned chalice for Jericho as he actually began to get jobbed out quite heavily in late 98/early 99, eventually entering into a long, nothing feud with Saturn.
    By Jack Smith7 years ago
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