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by thomas

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Gina Davis FBB Boxing


The right cross at 16 seconds would knock most girl's heads off. What amazing power.
By ant1937 July
Ske could literally destroy your face.. No man would want to be on the end of those punches.
By junglekidz last year
Not sure. She sure was huge. I'm 6-4 and 235 and she'd ko me with those punches. I'd like to see a Popeye type thing with Olive Oyl being a Hilton type. Gina comes in and laughs at her boxing and how skinny she is and just beat the life out of her slowly as she flirts with me. Paris wakes up and Gina is aroused and goes in for the kill shot. Wouldn't mind seeing Gina box the speedbag a little more too. That red halter outfit was incredible, but she never did any boxing in that. This was probably the least sexy outfit she ever wore in her clips. She was hot as hell in most of them....even a couple of boxing clips.
By ant1937 2 years ago
Stunning as Gina is, I wonder if she has ever had a bout of roid rage? I bet the guy at the end of it wishes he wasn't in her company if so....

Not sure if I'm jealous of that guy.

Fuck it I'm jealous.
By junglekidz 2 years ago
Nothing beats watching off season Gina box and throw punches.
By ant1937 2 years ago
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