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    The Undertaker Ministry Era Vol. 2


    by ministry4life

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    Here's the transcript of his speech if you want to follow along:

    "Poor wretched souls. Your world is polluted with rotting souls. Seven nights past, you witnessed one of these souls become one with the power of the darkness. Mideon. He was once a forgotten face in a vast ocean of individuals abused by the corrupt politics of your world. Now, he sees what you cannot; he feels what you cannot. Seven nights ago, Dennis Knight ceased to exist and Minion was given everlasting life as was all of my ministry. Tonight, I speak of prophecy and what I will shall be done. The sacrifices are not over. And the ceremony has been scheduled. For all who walk on the mortal side of life, take heed. On January 24th, the next sacrificial lamb with be led to slaughter. And your simple minds won't allow you to believe who the next victim will be. So attend if you dare. Resist, and you subject yourself to agonizing pain and extreme suffering. So until we meet again, accept the Lord of Darkness as your savior. Allow the purity of evil to guide you."