John McCain delivers concession speech to supporters


by ODN

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lol john mccain lost all some obama on deck
By marchonchandler7 years ago
nick p.
finally he becomes a decent man again :-)
a very nice speech.. gracious is not strong enough a word.
By nick p.7 years ago
Notice how uncivil those who support Obama gets...
When Bush won there is no one who went around screaming and humiliating the other side...
Let's be respectful and sound in our thinking at least instead of taunting people
By christianprophetess207 years ago
John McCain is such a good guy. If only every American were as civil as himl. I feel really bad for McCain, a part of me thought he deserved to be president after enduring so much for his nation in Vietnam, and so much from the media recently, but Barack is a good choice.

cwash6969, McCain knew when to recognize defeat, and his supporters have been very cordial over the past day, something I wish I could say for Obama's supporters should he have lost, but as you've shown, not all of them are capable of respect and decency.

McCain is a very respectable figure, he's given more for this nation than most anyone in Washington, and for anyone to insult him, while fully in their rights, is doing something I feel as being completely unacceptable.
By ducklings227 years ago
carl washington
HAHAHAH you losT couldnt even stay in the election till embarassing...OBAMA BIDEN BITCH!!!!!!!
By carl washington7 years ago