Thanksgiving 2008: The Turkey song

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  • Add to Happy Thanksgiving 2008 everyone! Here's my Thanksgiving song (The Turkey song) with the help of my sister, my brother, my mom, and (maybe) my wife! (Hopefully my wife won't mind when my family sends her the song.) Lyrics: In a special way Itâ??s a mighty holiday No newspapers in the racks Parade floats on the street People dancing on their feet Even some doing jumping jacks Last spring we went to the farm for fun And we saw a little one At the farm of farmer Dan They called the turkey Tom Because he was the bomb And now weâ??re going to roast him in a pan Probably be a family fight And no one will be right Oh, why canâ??t they just relax Here comes the turkey, Weâ??ll turn him into jerky Weâ??re gonnaâ?? take him to the ax Turkeys can be the meanest, When theyâ??re at their leanest So theyâ??ve been fattening through the year And itâ??s the middle Of time when weather is brittle So one thing is very, very clear Everyoneâ??s coming to eat So much they wonâ??t see their feet Afterwards theyâ??ll need Ex-Lax Here comes the turkey, Weâ??ll turn him into jerky Weâ??re gonnaâ?? take him to the ax Tamed turkeys do not fly And no one quite knows why But some people do the turkey trot Some guests wonâ??t have the will To stop when they have their fill So weâ??ll get the biggest bird theyâ??ve got (Hope he won't be too large) Hope he won't be so big (to be stuffed by Grandma Marge) we mistake him for a pig Heâ??ll probably make a mess of the oven racks Oh Maybe weâ??ll fry him in oil Or maybe weâ??ll watch him broil Either way weâ??re gonnaâ?? take him to the ax Oh what a treat It was to eat that meat And the tableclothâ??s all covered in candle wax And on this Thanksgiving day When I tell my wife that I am gay... I hope that she wonâ??t take me to the ax.